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ENTA Physicians Once Again Voted Top Doc in New York and New Jersey

06/27/2013 in news

A Record Number of ENTA Physicians Recognized by Peers as Top Docs.

Dozens and Dozens Voted Best in Class!

The physicians at ENTA are the best and the brightest.  Expert diagnosticians, superb clinicians, unequaled practitioners.  It is this truth that has enabled us to say for many years, without hesitation, that at ENTA we deliver "Superior Healthcare, one Patient at a Time".

And we’re not the only ones who are saying it.  In fact, year after year the docs of ENTA are recognized-by their colleagues throughout all our catchment areas-as being the best in their fields of expertise.  And this year is no different.  Once again, ENTA physicians have been voted Top Docs by numerous peer-tabulated ratings in various publications and organizations.

Here is the 2013 list of our physicians who have been so honored.  It is quite impressive...and it is but the latest in a long string of likewise recognitions:

long string of likewise recognitions

Beyond the deserved individual accolades these honors represent, there is also a foundational recognition that ENTA-as a practice-attracts, encourages, enables and develops this kind of superb practice of medicine....with a culture of innovation, state of the art technology and thinking, total patient focus, and practiced service excellence.

Therefore, in a very real sense, recognition of any of our docs is very much recognition of all of our docs.

So, to one and all...hearty congratulations.

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