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Adult and Pediatric Ear and Dizziness

Our Ear and Dizziness Centers are a subdivision of ENT & Allergy Associates, LLP. We are dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of advanced otologic and balance disorders, and to advancing the field through education. Our Ear and Dizziness subspecialists are trained in a suite of office-based diagnostics and procedures, as well as advanced surgical techniques including stapedotomies, tympanoplasties, mastoidectomies, bone anchored hearing aids (BAHA), and cochlear implants.

Locate an Ear and Dizziness Specialist

Otologists and Neurotologists are ENT subspecialists who focus on advanced disorders affecting the ears, balance system, temporal bone, and related functions. The medical and surgical skills of a fellowship-trained otologist/neurotologist include the treatment of otosclerosis, cholesteatomas, difficult ear infections, advanced hearing loss and tinnitus, congenital malformations, tumors of the ear, dizziness and vertigo. Our Centers throughout the New York and New Jersey area are staffed with nationally recognized professionals and state of the art diagnostic technology to offer comprehensive care of patients with these conditions.  

Download Video Transcription (PDF)

Download Video Transcription (PDF)