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Cochlear implants are a remarkable technology that can help patients gain access to sound. Whether you're exploring this solution because of hearing loss or the effects of aging on your auditory system, cochlear implants offer an effective and reliable form of treatment for many people.

Cochlear implants offer hearing rehabilitation for individuals with severe-to-profound nerve damage (sensorineural) hearing loss for whom hearing aids are not effective. Candidates for the procedure must have developed speech and language previously (postlingual) or must be of an age that will allow for the development of these skills (perilingual). 

Individuals considering the procedure must undergo extensive testing to determine whether they are better served with a cochlear implant or more traditional hearing aids or other technologies. The surgery usually takes about one hour and is performed under general anesthesia. Postoperative discomfort is usually mild. Young children require an overnight stay in the hospital, but otherwise, the surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure. The risks of the procedure for properly selected patients are low. However, patients considering the procedure should discuss the details further with their physician.

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