When Should you See a Throat Specialist?

When Should you See a Throat Specialist?

ENT specialists are the healthcare providers who focus on treating diseases and disorders concerning with ear, nose and throat. From the collar bone and up is mostly fair game. As the name suggests, ENT doctors are particularly skilled with treating ailments of the ear, nose and throat.

A variety of symptoms and signs calls upon a need to see an ENT specialist. Many conditions may seem trivial, and you might want to try some sore throat remedies to try and fix them, but symptoms can progress and become dangerous rapidly. Its therefore imperative to be evaluated early.

What warrants a Call to ENT Doctor?

  • Ears: Symptoms include hearing impairment (both gradual and sudden), ear pain, tinnitus or ringing, drainage, fullness in the ears, dizziness or vertigo.
  • Nose: Symptoms include congestion, sinus pressure or pain, nosebleeds, alteration of smell and taste, trauma to the nose, and snoring/sleep issues.
  • Throat: Symptoms include throat pain, difficulty swallowing, voice changes or hoarseness, feeling like there is something stuck in your throat and lumps on the neck.

It is advised to visit a Throat Specialist in Manhattan, if the above symptoms apply.

Some Examples of Throat Conditions

Silent Reflux

As its name suggests, silent reflux is a condition where acid from the stomach is irritating your voice box. It often happens silently, without causing any heartburn. Symptoms including constant throat clearing. feeling a sensation of something stuck in your throat, hoarseness, a sour taste in the mouth, postnasal drip, and cough.

Acid reflux affecting your throat is potentially dangerous as it can contribute to changes to your esophagus or food pipe that can lead to cancer. If you suspect you have been suffering from silent reflux for more than a few weeks, get evaluated.


Tonsil infections are a common issue seen by a throat specialist. Classically as we get older, the tonsils shrink and become less active. For some people the tonsils stay inflamed throughout adulthood. Inflamed tonsils can hurt a lot and can hurt fairly often. Some suffer from weekly to monthly episodes of severe throat pain.

Patients are frequently treated with antibiotics for presumed tonsil infections. While tonsils can certainly be infected by bacteria, most commonly Strep, they are often inflamed without a bacterial infection. It is important to get checked by a throat specialist to ensure that you have a true bacterial infection.

Tonsil infections can also potentially be dangerous. They can progress to what is known as a peritonsillar abscess, or a collection of pus around the tonsil. This infection can spread into your throat tissues and can be potentially dangerous. It is treated with a drainage by the throat specialist.

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