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Are allergies, asthma, or related conditions hindering your quality of life? ENT and Allergy Associates - Paramus is here to help. Our experienced team of physicians, with over 25 years of expertise in ENT, allergy, and audiology, is ready to assist you in feeling your best and tackling life headfirst. Whether you're enduring seasonal sneezes or persistent coughs, our team can diagnose and treat a vast range of conditions. 

In addition to our primary focus on ENT and allergies, we specialize in pediatric ENT, head and neck issues, swallowing and voice disorders, and much more. With our extensive network of board-certified and fellowship-trained medical practitioners, you can rest assured that you'll receive excellent care. During your visit, you'll also benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of our entire network of physicians. For reliable ENT, allergy, and audiology treatments in Paramus, we are your go-to provider.

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Living with allergies, ENT issues, or related conditions can be tough. But at ENT and Allergy Associates - Paramus, we're here to make it easier. Our team of experts is committed to providing excellent clinical care and ensuring your experience is stress-free. With over 150 Top Doctor Honorees and partnerships with four elite healthcare organizations, we're leaders in delivering top-notch care.

We offer world-class treatment options for various conditions right in your own community. Our same-day and next-day care solutions, effortless online scheduling, and anxiety-free environment allow you to focus on healing and thriving. So, no more sick days – say hello to long-term relief. Trust ENT and Allergy Associates - Paramus to help you live your best life.

Don't endure needless suffering. Book an appointment with our Paramus ENTs today and let's get you back on the path to optimal health.

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Patient Stories

  • "My daughter is loving the doctor and all staff in the office.. they are very friendly. Office is very clean too!!!"

    - CLY
  • "The Best Doctors! I love Dr.Bough. He's been my doctor for over 15 years and has always been right on target with my diagnosis. For allergies, hands down, Dr. Skripak. Love the two of them!"

    - Estelle A.
  • "Dr. Justin M. Skripak, MD, the Nurses, and the front desk staff are very friendly, personable, knowledgeable, and professional!! The schedules are flexible, and getting an appointment/ rescheduling an appointment is easy!"

    - Geraldine M.
  • "Very professional staff and doctors were thoughtful and effective!"

    - Mary C.
  • "Easy access to and from the building courteous staff doctors were great"

    - Lauren V.
  • "Very understanding and helpful"

    - Pamela R.
  • "Excellent experience with Dr. Abramowitz and the staff at Paramus ENT and Allergy! Always get an appointment when I need one. Really helped my wrestler son with cauliflower ear. Very knowledgeable and great at explaining things."

    - Laura P.
  • "The staff was extremely helpful and cordial. They answered all questions and all concerns.The doctor was one of the best. His professional attitude, coupled with his knowledge made him a cut above. His friendly demeanor was welcome to the experience!"

    - Joanne T.
  • "Professional staff and doctor, yet friendly, and accommodating. They display kind patience with their patients."

    - James P.
  • "Helpful staff and very friendly!"

    - Maggie W.

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