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Free Consultation

A personal, informative meeting

During your visit, you will be welcomed into our offices and will first meet Cosmetic Care Coordinators who will briefly speak to you about your concerns and expectations.

Our surgeons will then meet with you and will perform a thorough head and scalp exam. They will confirm that there are no medical circumstances that would create any issue with either medical treatment for hair loss or a transplant procedure. The surgeons will provide you with medical and surgical options for hair restoration - clearly outlining the expected outcome. They will explain the ultimate goal of the procedure and discuss the physiology of hair loss and hair growth. Photographs will be taken to document the initial hairline and show remarkable improvement after the restorative process.

When you, the patient, leaves, you will have a new and improved outlook on restorative hair surgery and can truly make an informed decision about proceeding with this very personal gift.

For more information, please contact Dr. Agata Brys in our Parsippany office at 973-394-1818 or Dr. Paul Kelly in our Southampton office at 631-283-1142.