Diagnosis & Treatment of Chronic Cough

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What Is Chronic Cough?

Chronic Cough is a cough lasting more than 2 months that does not resolve with rest or medication. A chronic cough usually has multiple causes. Treatment requires pharmacological intervention and behavioral management.

Chronic Cough is a common problem seen in the Voice and Swallowing Center. It is often treated without success as a sinus, allergy, or lung problem or as a functional problem that people are told to "live with it." Chronic cough can be extremely debilitating. One of the most often overlooked causes of chronic cough is Paradoxical Vocal Fold Motion Disorder (PVFMD). PVFMD is known by many different names such as vocal fold dysfunction, vocal stridor, irritable larynx syndrome, and adult-onset asthma.

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Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment of PVFMD

Patients with PVFMD often complain of:

  • Severe long-term cough
  • Occasional changes in voice quality
  • Increased breathing difficulty around soap powders, perfumes, and other odors
  • Shortness of breath or air hunger
  • Wheezing or other breathing noises associated with breathing


Despite the use of steroids, inhalers, or other pharmacological agents, cough and breathing difficulties persist in people with PVFMD.

At ENT and Allergy Associates, a standard series of tests are used to diagnose PVFMD. An experienced voice pathologist does a perceptual assessment of the voice during the visit. The video exam of the larynx is followed by a breathing test to identify the breathing components related to the lungs and the upper airway.

Treatment for PVFMD is comprehensive and carried out by an ear, nose, and throat specialist and a voice therapist. Treatment of PVFMD may take as little as 3 weeks or as much as 6 months. The treatment is highly successful and results in a vastly improved quality of life for those who have suffered from cough. A report on this treatment was selected for presentation at the Eastern Sectional Meeting of the 2004 American Academy of Otolaryngology in New York City.

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